Prepare Your Home for Trick-or-Treaters

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Are you ready to give out candy this Halloween? Whether you are hosting a party or just passing out candy on your porch, it is important to set up your home for trick-or-treaters. Here are some simple steps that will make your property more kid-friendly and festive come the holiday.

Check for Tripping Hazards

With so many children missing out on trick-or-treating last year, there's sure to be lots of excited little ones running around the neighborhood this year. The last thing you would want is someone getting hurt. Take some time to look at your yard to be sure there are no tripping hazards or minor defects such as rocks, toys, or uneven ground. If you notice an area of uneven ground, be sure to block it off or put something over it.

Add More Light

More light will make it easier for kids to spot your home. You'll want to make sure your front porch light is on and bright, and you may want to add some path lighting leading up to the porch. If you've wanted to add a lighted path to the front of your house, check out these solar lights from Amazon. For those who only want the additional light during the holidays, these would make the perfect decoration.

Consider Your Pets

Are you planning on bringing your furry friend outside to greet trick-or-treaters? If so, make sure they are properly contained. You don't want them near children who may be afraid of dogs or running around with the little ones in costumes, which could lead to a very dangerous situation. Keep any dog food, water, or treats inside during this time. It might also be a good idea to keep other animals such as cats inside and away from all the excitement. You never know who or what might create an uncontrolled scary situation.Ā 

Halloween Decorations

It's never a bad idea to create a fun, scary atmosphere with Halloween decorations. You can do this by hanging up spooky window clings, spider webs on window frames and trees, and fake cobwebs on the front door. You can add creative lighting fixtures outside or inside your home that will make your house the talk of the neighborhood. Be sure to use decorations that are not flammable. According to FEMA, Halloween is one of the busiest nights in October for fire stations. For those who plan to use decorations such as hay, paper, or dried corn stocks, keep them away from open flames, such as the candles inside your pumpkins.

Enjoy Your Night

Halloween is a fun time for all, so be sure you are prepared! If you follow these simple tips, your home will be ready to hand out candy in no time at all. For those who are looking for ways to enjoy Halloween while still staying safe during COVID, consider putting candy in individual baggies or paper sacks and leaving them on a folding table at the end of your driveway or walkway while you wave hello from your porch. With a little thought and planning, everyone can enjoy a fun and safe Halloween this season!